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tantra review
tantra review
tantra review
tantra review
tantra review

“Bella and I were searching for a professional Tantra experience and learn the benefits of Tantra healing for sometime. We had a hard time finding good, qualified professionals.

When we found Simone, it was a breath of fresh air. She was professional, courteous, and in our first FaceTime call it was evident that she has the expertise we were looking for.

The whole experience was remarkable. We didn’t know what to expect and were quite nervous going in. Starting with the setting of the room to the welcome and intro process Simone made us feel very comfortable. She answered our questions and when we were ready the session began.

The session itself was a memorable and uplifting spiritual experience. I asked Bella after the session that if someone asked us to try Tantra healing would she recommend it? She said “hell yes!”

I feel the same way. I highly recommend working with Simone, she’s a rock star and knows what’s she’s doing”

– Anonymous review

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